SwipenSnap™ Rash Cream Applicator, is a new invention that solves a critical issue regarding the applying of diaper rash ointment onto a baby’s bottom, by allowing you to do it with just one hand. This way you solve the issues with a smooth move avoiding all the mess, inflammation or accidents that might occur while you are trying to take care of your baby.

SwipenSnap™ is safe, hygienic and clean, and will allow your baby to grow healthy and strong, because with it, germs or any kind of contamination is a thing of the past! Pediatricians give it five stars. Dr. Johnson says “I highly recommend this product to all parents to prevent infections and keep their babies safe”.

Parents and child care givers are thrilled with the time it saves them during each diaper change and with how easy it is to use. And babies love the soft feel of the spatula brush on their skin. Its a triple win!

Invented by a mom Alina Kravchenko, that dreamed of helping parents with all of the problems associated with applying diaper rash cream. Including, not being able to hold your baby while applying the ointment, contaminating your babies skin if your hands are not washed thoroughly and the struggles of washing the water resistant ointment off your hands.